Who we are

Hi, we’re Janelle and Nicki, the co-founders of TTK Collective and soul sisters. We have a shared passion for promoting responsible and conscious practices in the fashion industry and a commitment to making a difference. We met in South Australia in our little sleepy beach town in year 11 and instantly became each other’s ride or die. After travelling overseas straight from school for a few years together we both finally settled in Noosa Queensland.

Our journey in the fashion industry began in 2012 with the launch of our own ethical fashion label, TTK The Label. Over the past decade, we have developed a deep understanding of sustainable production and ethical employment in the industry. We have worked tirelessly to implement these practices in our own label and to continuously improve our methods.

With a desire to use our expertise to make a larger impact, we founded TTK Collective. Our purpose is to mentor and support other brands in their journey towards responsible and sustainable production and ethical employment. Through our collective efforts, we hope to drive positive change in the fashion industry and make it better for everyone.

In addition to our manufacturing and mentorship services, we have recently launched TTK Blanks, a mindful merch blank apparel and accessories company. Our aim is to offer our customers high-quality sustainable products that serve as a responsible alternative in the market. Our goal is to contribute to the betterment of the fashion industry by providing solutions that align with our values and support ethical and sustainable practices.

Our Mission

Cultivating and nurturing a collective of brands whose core drive in business is to advocate for people and preserve the planet.
Our aim is to rise up and challenge the fashion industry, and the consumer alike, by guiding likeminded brands on their own journey through transparency and awareness ultimately creating the ripple effect of change towards a sustainable future.

“We Are The Thread Between Change”

The People

At TTK Collective, we take great pride in ensuring the welfare and dignified treatment of every person involved in our supply chain. With a steadfast commitment to transparency, our mission is to build a business that prioritises people above all else. The heart of our operations lies in our supply chain.

This is why we are committed to transparency and putting people first in all that we do. Our team members in each country are more than just employees, they are a part of our family. We visit them multiple times each year to establish personal relationships, ensuring that everyone feels valued and supported.

From the farmers who grow our raw materials, to the yarn spinners, dyers, pattern makers, and sewers, each person plays a crucial role in the production of our products. We strive to eliminate any forms of exploitation and slave labour, and are proud to offer only high-quality products.

At TTK Collective, we are dedicated to sharing the stories of our team members through social media and videos, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the people who make our company a reality. Get to know the faces behind the brand and the impact that your purchase has on the lives of real people.

The planet

At TTK Collective, we are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for both our customers and the planet. Our focus is on eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics, and we love finding creative solutions to reduce waste, such as sourcing deadstock fabric that would otherwise go to waste.

We believe that the choices we make today have a lasting impact on the world, and we are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment. We strive to use the most natural and organic fabrics available and are constantly seeking ways to evolve and improve, always with a focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness at the forefront.

TTK Collective uses eco-friendly packaging, including 100% cotton for care labels, size tags, and sew-in labels.

Direct screen printing is utilised to minimise fabric usage. Swing tags are printed on recycled cards with cotton strings.

Garments are packaged in biodegradable or compostable bags, and shipped in boxes sealed with paper tape that can be easily recycled.

Why partner with us

We offer a distinctive side to ethical and sustainable business, not only with ethically manufacturing your product, but we will also come alongside you with the approach to support and guide your brand on its journey.

When partnering with us you become an exclusive partner of TTK Collective and to keep your brand in line with our ethos – ethical and sustainable. When partnering with us we make it a priority to keep your brand unique and make sure that we don’t take on brands that may be too similar to yours. 

To keep true to who we are and to uphold the values and ethos we represent we have capped our partnerships and only work with a limited number of brands at any one time. We do have a partnering waitlist for once a spot becomes available. Please contact us to find out more. 

What you get when you partner with us.

You are aligning yourself with a company dedicated to making a positive impact in the fashion industry. Our core principles include ethical manufacturing, sustainable and recycled fabrics, empowering women, and a commitment to reducing waste.

Our experienced team provides comprehensive support and guidance to help you succeed, including access to high-quality eco-friendly fabrics, including deadstock, templates for fashion design, and mentoring and coaching services. You will also be part of our supportive community of like-minded brands and will receive consistent support from our entire team.

By partnering with TTK Collective, you can feel confident in your brand’s commitment to sustainability, ethics, and positive social impact, all while receiving the support you need to grow and succeed in the fashion industry

Our ethos

We are passionate about creating a better future through our products. Our ethos is built on the principles of handcrafted quality, sustainable and recycled fabrics, ethical production, reducing waste and promoting sustainable living wages. We firmly believe in transparency in the fashion industry and strive to educate our customers about the positive impact of choosing eco-friendly and non-mass produced products. By doing so, we aim to promote a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle, free from single-use and micro plastics.

Time to create positive impact in the
fashion industry

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